The organisation is based on the model of a cooperative society according to the Swiss laws (Genossenschaft). The purpose of the organisation is to achieve the best quality of service and product for its members and to prevent speculative business.

The cooperative society will plan and build the apartments of the retirement village and lease them to its members on a long term relationship. It will also finance the investment and pay for all the services directly to the suppliers and personnel.
The land will be rented on a long-term lease from the owner.

The apartments can be used as a main residence or as a second “winter-residence”.

The retirement village will consist of around 150 apartments with an additional 20 hotel rooms and 20 caretaking units. The restaurant and hotel will be open to the public.
A permanent staff of over 200 persons will be employed for all the areas of the village, from gardening to the kitchen crew, from room service to the maintenance and renovation of the apartments and infrastructure as well as professional nurse and doctors for taking care of the eldest inhabitants.

Retirement Village Bacolod ++41 61 973 23 33