The Philippines covers over 7000 islands with intensive tropical vegetation. Coconut trees, bananas, mangoes and sugarcane plantations grow everywhere at temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. The capital and largest city is Manila. There are many well developed cities with 300 to 500'000 inhabitants with highly qualified schools and hospitals on all the larger islands.
The Philippines is a democracy structured after the American constitution. The political and economical situation has improved during the last 15 years.

The large Asian markets like Hongkong, China, and Japan are only a few hours away by plane. Therefore, a large choice of industrial products is available in the country.

Bacolod is the capital of the Negros island in the centre of the Philippines. Daily flights connect Bacolod with Manila within 50 Minutes.

In the centre of the island, two volcanoes rise up to 2’450m above sea level. Mt. Canlaon is visible on the horizon about 30 km from Bacolod, mostly covered with a ring of clouds. Along its hillside there are mountain resorts with waterfalls and hot springs (Kipot Falls, Buenos Aires, Mambucal).

The shallow West coast of Negros island around Bacolod provides many suitable locations for a Retirement Village.

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